Our constitution

The below is an outline of Quorum’s ideals and purpose:

  • The choir’s full name is Quorum Singers of St Albans (commonly referred to as Quorum)
  • To develop and advance the community’s education and appreciation of music in all aspects, in whatever ways the members see fit, including public performances
  • Membership is open to individuals who are approved by the Trustees, who take guidance from the Musical Director’s opinion following an audition.
  • Quorum’s Committee is responsible for arranging concerts, membership, finance and any other operational matters
  • The Committee are elected at the AGM via a majority vote
  • The Committee is made up of the Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, and other members of the choir as required
  • The Committee have the power to raise funds, work with similar charities and appoint advisers as necessary
  • Committee meetings are held when required, with the Chairperson being the primary Chair (or another member in their absence)
  • Meeting minutes must be kept and available to members if requested
  • (1) The Society must hold a general meeting within twelve months of the date of the adoption of this constitution.
  • (2) An annual general meeting must be held in each subsequent year, and not more than fifteen months may elapse between successive annual general meetings.
  • (3) At least 21 days’ written notice of an AGM shall be given to all members.
  • (4) The committee shall present to each AGM the report and accounts of the Society for the preceding year.
  • (5) Nominations for election to the committee shall be made preferably in advance by members of the Society in writing to the Secretary. Should nominations exceed vacancies, an election shall be held. 
  • The income and property of Quorum shall be applied solely for the purposes set out earlier
  • If Quorum is dissolved, any assets remaining shall be transferred to a charity in law